The XXth Scientific Conference: Technical Aspects of ICT Crime

Police Academy from Szczytno, in collaboration with European Cybercrime Center and Institute for Research on Crime and Terrorism, will organize The XXth Scientific Conference Technical Aspects of ICT Crime in Szczytno, on 12-14 June 2017.

According to the opinions of ‘know-it-alls’ expressed several years ago, that the twentieth edition of TAPT has no justification, because everything has already been discussed and everything is already known. The environment of TAPT frequenters has its own task and it is to improve their knowledge about cyber-threats and cybercrime. The National Security Bureau is preparing a cyber security doctrine, the Ministry of Digitalization is preparing a strategy for security, therefore TAPT community can get engaged into more down-to–earth issues, such as prevention and combating cybercrime. In both cases we will be talking about educating specialist, including improving knowledge and skills of law enforcement officers, as well as evaluation of court experts’ competence. The topics will also cover presentation of the best practices in the discussed areas, as well as topics analyzing the upcoming trends and threats.

During the proceedings, similarly to all previous editions of the conference, the topics will also regard detection and securing evidence from cybercime and other crimes committed with the use of modern technologies, including possibilities, but also the sense, of developing a standard for non-standard services and tools which involve areas previously ignored or treated marginally.

The proposed topic should become of interest for scientists, specialists providing ICT security from various areas of economy, but mainly police officers, officers of other services, prosecutors and judges. Such wide range of participants concentrated on one subject guarantees that the subject will be investigated profoundly and in many dimensions.

The conference topics:

  • Trends in cybercrime
  • Threat monitoring on the Internet
  • Disclosing, acquiring, securing, analysing and presentation of digital evidence
  • Tools that support combatting cybercrime
  • Practice in combatting cybercrime
  • Functioning of the Security Operations Centre (SOC) and/or Incident Response Team (IRT)
  • Public and private cooperation in combating cybercrime

Deadline for proposals of papers – 17.04.2017.
The qualified papers will be issued in the form of a compact publication.
Deadline for submission of full versions of articles – 30.06.2017
Participation fees: appr. 650 PLN per person including accommodation, full board and conference materials; or 500 PLN per person including full board
and conference materials.
The application form should be downloaded from the website of the conference at
The filled in application form needs to be sent to the Police Academy in Szczytno before 05 June 2017.

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