Research / Development Projects

Project: SRO10020GR0017
Enhance Cyber Capacity Building in Romania for Preventing and Combating the Cybercrime Phenomenon
Period: 2020-2021

Goal: Strengthen the cyber capacity in Romania by raising cybersecurity awareness and improve the skills of criminal justice authorities and private sector in fighting cybercrime.

Project: 2017/RAISA/08
Strategies for monitoring the online platforms security
Period: 2017-2019

Goal: Analyzing the strategies for monitoring the online platforms security and mitigating the cyber-attacks effects.

Project: 2016/RAISA/07
Analysis of the computer networks security. Architectures, protocols, and solutions
Period: 2016-2017

Goal: Analyzing the computer networks security and disseminating the main solutions to a web platform, for improving the cybersecurity culture.

Project: 2014/RAISA/06
Studies on Modern Methods of Publishing Information in Online Environment
Period: 2014-2016

Goal: Studying the modern methods of publishing and promoting the information (web sites, wiki sites, blogs, social networks, cloud computing).

Project: 2013/RAISA/05
Implementation of IT&C Technologies in On-line Education System
Period: 2013-2015

Goal: Developing an e-learning platform for the purpose to develop special training programs and perfecting the personnel involved in the management of electronic information (processing, management, security).

Project: 2013/RAISA/04
Management of Automatic Data Processing Techniques
Period: 2013-2014

Goal: Management of data processing analysis (identification, collection, sorting, processing, distribution and storage) and automatic processing techniques in order to obtain information necessary for the decision process from an informational system.

Project: 2013/RAISA/03
Protection of Computer Systems Against Cybercrime Phenomenon
Period: 2013-2014

Goal: Developing a platform for communicating important information regarding latest cyber attacks and methods of protection against them in order to provide to the public effective methods to prevent and to combat the phenomenon of cybercrime.

Project: 2013/RAISA/02
Studies on Implementing Safety Measures in order to Ensure Information Security
Period: 2013-2014

Goal: Studying the best policies and security methods for computer systems and communications and disseminating them into an online platform in order to promote safety measures for information security.

Project: 2012/RAISA/01
Scientific Research Promotion in Information Security Field
Period: 2012-2013

Goal: Publishing a scientific journal for academic professorial staff, PhD students, researchers, graduate students and other professional categories in the field of information security and cybercrime.

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