RAISA Presentation

The Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance (RAISA) is a professional, non-governmental, non-partisan political, nonprofit and public benefit association. Founded in 2012, RAISA started as an initiative dedicated to promote the information security.


The aim of the Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance (RAISA) is promoting and supporting information security activities in compliance with applicable laws, and creating a community for the exchange of knowledge between the experts from the public, private, and academic environment from Romania, community which has to adhere to the following values​​:

  • Continuous investment in their education;
  • Openness to new methods to secure information;
  • Involvement in combating the cybercrime phenomenon;
  • Focus on facts;
  • Concern for excellence.


The vision of the Association is to promote research and education in information security field and to contribute to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and technology in this domain. RAISA has a strong representation at the national level, bringing together professors and researchers from top universities and Romanian institutions, PhD, masters and license students, as well as companies from the IT segment.

RAISA motivation is that any company, organization or community has benefits by investing in systems security in order to improve security risks when the systems are connected to the Internet.



To achieve the stated purpose, Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance proposes the following objectives:

  1. Collaboration with the academic community from Romania or abroad in order to organize conferences, scientific seminars and workshops, for presenting the development and implementation of effective measures to improve information security;
  2. Collaboration with research centers, associations and companies from Romania or abroad, to organize informative events in information technology security field;
  3. To develop and sustain the activities of institutions contributing to the development and implementation of security measures in information structures;
  4. To perform specific programs for education and training of personnel involved in electronic information management (data processing, storage, security);
  5. To take action against cyber-attacks and cybercrime and to cooperate with the competent authorities to combat the phenomenon of cybercrime;
  6. To ensure the dissemination of notice relating to existing vulnerabilities and nationally and internationally newly identified threats; to provide solutions for data restoration and policies to prevent and combat incidents based on the information provided by suppliers of software solutions;
  7. To publish scientific journals for university staff, PhD students or Master’s students, researchers, students and other professional categories in the field of information security and cybercrime;
  8. To coordinate and to promote authors of books, textbooks, articles and specialized works in the field of security and cybercrime;
  9. To defend, represent and promote the common interests of the members and to provide, within budget, participation to conferences, scientific sessions and workshops in the field;
  10. To grant awards, scholarships or sponsorship to people with outstanding merits in the field of information security.

Knowledge, implemented through common effort, for mutual benefit, is, in our opinion, the richest expression in information security education.

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