The Cyber Security Protection Summit Peru 2019

The Cyber Security Protection Summit Peru 2019 was organized in Lima, Peru, by Secure Soft Corporation, on June 11, 2019. Mr. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI attended this event as a keynote speaker and a representative of the Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance (RAISA).

The main goal of the event was to create a platform for the public-private dialogue in the field of cybersecurity, to explain the current cyber threats and cyber-attacks and the importance of cybersecurity.

The conference was open by Mr. Oscar Aviles, CEO of Secure Soft Corporation and Mr. Jorge Castañeda, General Director of Secure Soft Corporation. They presented the importance of the event for creating a safe and secure space in Peru.

As well, Mr. Castañeda said that the company invests in technological development, continues to expand the capabilities of its cyber SOC and is incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence within its capabilities. Mr. Aviles, commented on the Framework, which is the reference document for cybersecurity strategies that establishes a security roadmap, revealing the level of maturity and security of the companies.

Mr. Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI, the Vice President of the Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance (RAISA) presented the latest challenges in the field of cybersecurity, describing also the solutions for fighting the current cyber threats.

Mr. Mihai said that the main threat is the one we all simply know as malware and presented the geography of local malware attacks.  In the group of most significant malware, there are the financial trojans, ransomware, cryptojacking and botnets. Then, Mr. Mihai analyzed the online and offline attacks vectors, discussing also solutions to fight the cybercrime phenomenon.

In the last part of the first panel, Mr. Marcos Isasi from Secure Soft Corporation, discussed about the role and how to build a Cyber SOC. Mr. Isasi said that the most important component in the creation of the cyber SOC are the people: the analysts. The second component is a SIEM, and a company that does not have a SIEM, can hardly cope with the attacks, “because not even a Jedi will be able to read all the logs.”

The third component is the management of vulnerabilities, since no company can guarantee that it is 100% secure, since there is always the possibility that an area of the company generates a vulnerability; therefore, the vulnerability management process must be constant. The fourth component is cyber intelligence, which is all information, updated, that will feed the SIEM. The last advice Mr. Isasi gave to professionals who want to implement a cyber SOC is to automate their processes, something that SecureSoft has already done.

The conference was structured into 4 panels, where representatives from 16 important cybersecurity companies explained the needs of the cyber protection and their solutions.

Companies like CheckPoint, DarkTrace, F5 Networks, FireEye, Fortinet, MCafee, Palo Alto Networks, Tenable, Akamai, CyberArk, Qualys, Cyxtera, Progress, or Symantec showed live their cybersecurity applications in the exhibition hall of the conference.

In the end of the event there was a conference press, where Mr. Oscar Aviles (CEO Founder – Secure Soft Corporation), Mr. Jorge Castaneda (Corporate Regional Manager – Secure Soft Corporation) and Mr. Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI (RAISA) presented the importance of the security in the cyberspace.

The excellent meeting infrastructure, the prominent speakers and the advanced cybersecurity solutions contributed to interesting and stimulating discussions and the competent and attentive staff ensured the success of the Cyber Security Protection Summit Peru 2019.

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