DefCamp Conference

Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR hosted the fifth conference on hacking & information security: Defcamp, on November 25–29, 2014. RAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance was present at the event by assistant professor Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI – Vice President of RAISA.


DefCamp 2014 gathered over 600 participants and 40 speakers from Romania and neighboring countries, the event addressing to experts and people passionate on computer security. The topics were about cybersecurity, web security, network security, SCADA security, social engineering and cyber-attacks.

This event introduced the workshops Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Digital Forensics, held by foreign trainers, and other activities and competitions: Capture the Flag, Hack the Machine or Target John.


The event was opened by the founder and the coordinator of DefCamp conference, Andrei Avădanei, followed by Mika Lauhde – Vice President of SSH Communication Security. The conference agenda included names of information security specialists, such as Paul de Souza – CSFI, Anthony Guess-Johnson – CSFI, Raoul Chiesa – The Security Brokers, Fadli B. Sidek – BT Global Services, Alex Balan – BullGuard, Adrian Furtuna – KPMG, Cristian Stoica – UTI Group, Benjamin Brown – Akamai Technologies, Roger W. Kuhn, Jr – CSFI, Dragos Comaneci – Ixia, Moti Joseph – COSEINC, Marion Marschalek – Cyphort, Miguel Mota Veiga – Dognædis, Andrei Costin – Firmware.RE, Celil ÜNÜVER – SignalSEC, Julie Gommes – CybelAngel, Bogdan Belu – Distinct, Tudor Damian, Fahad Ehsan – USB AG, Rafael Fontes Souza – Green Hats, Yury Chemerkin, Andrei Hodorog.


The conference was an important event in information security domain, by offering to participants the opportunity to interact and to discover new ways to put into practice all the knowledge acquired in cybersecurity.

Author: Assist.Prof.Dr. Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI - Vice President of RAISA
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