DefCamp 2014 – International Conference on Hacking & INFOSEC

Between November 25th – 29th 2014 at Crystal Palace Ballroom, Bucharest – Romania, Cyber Security Research Center from Romania – CCSIR is hosting one of the most mesmerizing events of hacking & information security from Central Eastern Europe, Defcamp.

Already at the 5th edition, the event continues to emphasize through sparkling debates about sensitive topics regarding cyber security  but also through the famous international competition. At the event, Romanian and foreign speakers will present fresh news about cyber security, cyber war, identification and prevention mechanisms but also 0days and new vulnerabilities doubled by the night sessions where there will be presented specific case studies.


DefCamp 2014 is the biggest event in information security & hacking field from Romania and also one of the biggest from Central and Eastern Europe, awaiting over 600 participants from Romania and neighboring countries, participants with varying knowledge and experience – from students to industry leaders, trainers, and information security experts and researchers.

Several confirmed speakers are Mika Lauhde Vice President, Government Relations and Business Development – SSH Communication SecurityPaul de Souza, Director of Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) – Defcamp’s 2014 Keynotes, Selene Giupponi, Head of Digital Forensics Unit @The Security Brokers, Paolo “Aspy” Giardini, Director OPSI, Roger W. Kuhhn JR. – CSFI Advisory Board Director, Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa, President of The Security Brokers.

“The event from this fall is for sure long expected by many Romanian and not only them; the researches that were made during the year and the cyber environment problems identified  will be analyzed by European and USA leaders. For 2014, we estimate that we’ll have the higher density of security specialists on square meter from the beginning of times. The activities, the knowledge and the Defcamp community succeeds to develop every year the event.”, said Andrei Avădănei founder and coordinator of the Defcamp conference.

Among the news of the year we have the pre conference trainings. Together with Cyber Security Forum Initiative, the biggest US security experts organization with over 50,000 members, we bring for the first time in CEE a  training that provides a basic understanding of full-spectrum cyberspace operations, the complexities of the cyberspace environment, as well as planning, organizing, and integrating cyberspace operations – Cyber Warfare Operations & Design. This one is strengthened by other two workshops organized in partnership with Security Brokers Academy: Digital Forensics  – provides a basic overview on methodologies and techniques which should be used when dealing with the extraction and analysis of data from digital media (hard drives, memory cards, USB sticks, etc..) and  Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) – the goal is to provide knowledge about the world of intelligence, related disciplines, and then focus on the analysis of open sources and its practical applications.


Furthermore,  Call for Papers is officially open so we invite all the security specialists to apply to speak at the conference. Through the important activities  DefCamp has this year, we can mention:

  • DefCamp Capture The Flag (D-CTF), one of the biggest CTF competition from CEE with up to 3,000 EURO cash prizes
  • Free Pentest on Demand, free pentest for the registered participants
  • Target John, Hack The Machine, App2Own – competitions for all the cyber security  passionates

It’s time to get into the Defcamp vibe! For more details you can access the conference website or you can contact us directly at

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