Cyberthreats – Romanian Banking Institute Conference

Romanian Banking Institute will organize the conference CyberThreats on 13 November 2014, on the theme: Information security between extremes: operational risk management and business needs.

The Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) enjoy the seventh edition of their “Cyberthreats” conferences. RBI is enjoying a long partnership with the CIO Council Romania, the contribution of professional personnel from Romanian Intelligence Service, CERT-RO, with the participation of Romanian National Bank (BNR) and the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), the Romanian Association of Banks, financial institutions, government institutions, national agencies, large consulting and audit firms and support of several prestigious information technology and security companies. This edition will focus on the major risks due to old and new threats and methods to keep up with, both technological and procedural principles and methods of crisis management.


The main topics which will be debated during the CYBERTHREATS 2014 conference:

  • The need of efficient regulation with respect to operational risks and aspects regarding the administration of operational risks dedicated to IT and communication activities;
  • The need for a Financial CERT in direct correlation with the new legislation regarding cyber security;
  • Defining financial and national critical infrastructure in a world consistently intertwined.

We invite you to join the Romanian Banking Institute, its partners and founders of the Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) – National Bank of Romania (BNR) and the Romanian Association of Banks – as well as the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF),  to this event designed to bring awareness of the risks specific to the approached domain and to create a solid database with skills of this activity. With us, you can share the experience and values ​​of companies providing solutions to the financial-banking system.

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