Agora Conference “IT & Infrastructure Security”

Agora Conference “IT & Infrastructure Security” took place on February 27, 2014, at Marshal Garden Hotel – Amethyst Room, under the slogan “Security solutions – necessary more than ever”. Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance was represented by assistant professor Ioan-Cosmin Mihai – Vice President of RAISA.

Agora Conference brought to the audience important names in providing complete security solutions such as Symantec, Allied Telesis, Cisco Romania or Websense.


The conference program started with Cisco Security Report for 2014, presented by Mr. Dorin Pena – General Manager Cisco Romania. In this report he presented the main forms of cyber attacks that took place in Romania in 2013. According to this report, the year 2013 was highlighted by the fact that the number of system vulnerabilities what have been exploited reached a record.


Mr. Marius Turlea – Technology Solutions Manager at Symantec, presented “Symantec Solutions for Information Security in IT&C Environment”. He talked about DLP – Data Loss Prevention, Endpoint Protection, Critical System Protection and a new product launched by Symantec: Data Center Security. This new product will controll all the infrastructure (storage, network, server) that is virtualized and delivered as a service.


Another interesting presentation form the conference was “Auditing Mobile Applications Security”, held by Mr. Florin-Mihai Iliescu – General Manager Infologica. Mobile applications audit has become a necessity nowadays. The audit is required to discover any programming errors and to ensure that the product meets safety requirements. The presentation marked 10 years of the company Infologica in information systems audit, with a pleasant surprise given to the conference participants.

Agora Conference proved to be an important event in the field of computer security, through valuable participants and through discussions and security solutions presented.

Author: Assist.Prof.Dr. Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI - Vice President of RAISA
Image(s) source: RAISA
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