Agora Conference “Convergence, Cloud Computing, XaaS”

On June 26, 2014 Agora held the conference “Convergence, Cloud Computing, Xaa (Everything as a Service)”, an event that aimed to answer to questions regarding cloud services and to make a profile of the Romanian market to see what is the degree of implementation and using of such services in Romania. Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance was present at the conference by assistant professor Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI – Vice President of RAISA.


The discussions were directed in the area of Cloud service availability, data security and where data are stored.

It was noted the presentation “Cloud and the Internet of Things” presented by Mr. Lucian Daia and Mr. Gabriel Croitoru from Lead Software Engineer.


During conference it was launched the second edition of the catalog Cloud Computing Romania, a publication that focuses on IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service).

Author: Assist.Prof.Dr. Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI - Vice President of RAISA
Image(s) source: RAISA
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