Version 2.0 of web portal was released

On June 13, 2013 the web portal has been reorganized within the research project “Protection of Computer Systems against Cybercrime Phenomenon”, project coordinated by Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI. It represents the official channel of RAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance on cybercrime.

The web portal is an online platform that focuses on cybercrime phenomenon and presents scientific events (conferences, scientific sessions, seminars, workshops, etc.), publications and books in cybercrime field, useful tools in online cybercrime investigations and a discussion forum.

The new structure of includes the following categories:

  • Security alerts;
  • Legislation on cybercrime;
  • Computer vulnerabilities;
  • Computer crimes;
  • Types of attacks on Internet;
  • Computer crime investigation techniques;
  • Methods for prevention and combating cybercrime;
  • Computer systems security methods;
  • Latest news in cybercrime field.

The web portal represents a communication platform between cybercrime investigation experts and users interested to improve or to update their knowledge in this field. The online platform presents the latest news in online attacks, software vulnerabilities and cybercrime forensics and explains different techniques to prevent and to combat cybercrime phenomenon.

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