The second web portal – passed the limit of 1,000 likes

cybercrimeThe second portal whose Facebook page exceeded 1,000 likes, – is a portal dedicated entirely to the cybercrime phenomenon that is evolving quickly our days. This website represents the official channel of RAISA- Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance for informing in the area of cybercrime.

The portal is developed in the research project “Protection of Computer Systems Against Cybercrime Phenomenon”, whose aim is to develop a platform for the communication of information of major interest about the latest cyber-attacks and the methods of protection against them in order to provide to the public effective methods to prevent and combat the phenomenon of cybercrime.

The portal provides information about:

  • scientific events ( conferences, scientific sessions, scientific seminars, workshops, etc.) taking place in Romania in the field of cybercrime;
  • books, textbooks and journals in the field;
  • applications used in the investigation of IP addresses, domains or e -mails.

The high interest for this portal is  revealed by the number of users who visit the page every day. The portal presents the latest news in online attacks, software vulnerabilities and cybercrime investigation in order to prevent and to combat the cybercrime phenomenon.

Thanks to everyone who have visited and appreciated portal!

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