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IJISC – International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime is a biannual scientific publication with the purpose of analyzing information, computers and communications security and identifying new valences of cybercrime phenomenon. The Journal is edited by RAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance, which is during founding process.


Through the theoretical and practical addressed issues, the Journal target are experts from information security or cybercrime field, people in training (students, PhD students, young researchers) or people interested to improve or to update their knowledge in this domain. The authors of the articles come from academic, research and police field, the journal representing an important scientific resource.

Journal sections

  1. Advances in Information Security Research;
  2. Studies and Analysis of Cybercrime Phenomenon;
  3. Cyber-Attacks Evolution and Cybercrime Trends;
  4. Book Reviews and Conferences Analysis.

The Editorial Board of the Journal consists of specialists in information security and cybercrime from academic police structures and university departments, their work taking place under the close guidance of the Scientific Council, composed of internationally recognized personalities from academic field.

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