Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance celebrated one year of activity

RAISARAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance accomplished today, November 13, 2013, one year of activity. Founded in 2012, RAISA emerged as an initiative dedicated to promote standards of security and to fight against cybercrime.

The purpose of Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance is promoting and supporting information security activities in compliance with applicable laws and creating a community for the exchange of knowledge between specialists, academic  and corporate environment in Romania.

In the first year, the Association has developed several activities and projects, among which we recall:

  • the project “The Promotion of the Scientific Research in the Field of Information Security”, in which the scientific journal IJISC – International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime was published. The journal aim is to analyze information, systems and communications security and to identify new facets of the phenomenon of cybercrime. IJISC is  indexed in  international databases and can be read on website;
  • the project “Studies on Implementing Safety Measures in order to Ensure Information Security”, in which the portal was reorganized and promoted in order to provide an updated database to the information security specialists and passionate users which like to improve their knowledge in the field;
  • the “Protection of Computer Systems Against Cybercrime Phenomenon” in which the portal was developed – a platform used for communicating the information of major interest on the latest cyber attacks and the methods of protection against them in order to provide effective methods to prevent and to combat the phenomenon of cybercrime;
  • the project “Implementation of IT&C Technologies in On-line Education System”, a project whose aim is to develop an e-learning platform – for special training programs for  personnel involved in the management of electronic information (processing, management, security).

We want to thank to all our collaborators and supporters who have helped us in the developing process of our educational programs.

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