RAISA invests in on-line education

Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance develops in partnership with MicoStyle S.R.L the e-Learning platform www.cpf.ro on the research project entitled Implementation of IT&C technologies in on-line educational system.

The training system through Internet adapts traditional components of teaching: planning, specific content and methodology, interaction, support and evaluation. Comparing to the traditional education, this system facilitates the learning in a personal rhythm, in a personal style, the activities of browsing or hearing of the presentations can be done gradually and repeatedly and the resources can be easily accessed.

The www.cpf.ro platform guarantees the success of the e-Learning content combining the advantages offered by e-Learning in general with educational design methodologies and enhanced security services and content offered. The on-line courses are obtained with a maximum impact which closely respects the learning objectives initially set.


With the help of this technology different types of files may be available for the students: electronic files, web pages and multimedia presentations stored on a server and accessed through a browser. The used technologies are interactive, allowing a total feedback in real-time and formative and summative, quantitative or qualitative assessments, in an easy way.

The advantages offered by the www.cpf.ro platform :

  • secured and controlled access to the resources – each user has an account; users have specific rights regarding how to utilize and to administrate the account;
  • access /management of the content – theoretical modules in different formats (HTML, audio, video), templates for developing new materials, activity planning, informing through advertisement, access to resources;
  • administration – creating accounts; administrating course components; users can be classified in: participants (students), instructors (facilitators); administrators.
  • space independence – the students can learn from home in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • time independence – freedom of the students in fixing their schedule;
  • flexibility – the material can be accessed in an non-linear way allowing the students to obtain an overview image;
  • adaptive learning – the didactic contents can be projected so that each user will be able to get over the materials in personal rhythm;
  •  interactivity – well-structured materials will include interactivity elements such as simulations which have the role to simplify the learning process;
  •  performance analysis – students activity can be followed and it can be early interfered in the cases in which learning problems appear;
  •  feedback – feedback through multiple choice questionnaires;
  •  on-line evaluation – on-line evaluation for each student;
  •  communication – with instructors and between the participants through chat or forums;
  •  low cost – a big number of students are able to have access to the same materials, reducing therefore the delivery costs.
Image(s) source: www.cpf.ro
Article source: www.cpf.ro


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