RAISA Campaigns

The main campaigns carried out by RAISA (Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance) are campaigns with the purpose of promoting scientific research, warning the human factor on dangers and risks present in on-line environment and cooperation in the field of information security.

Promotion of Scientific Research
Purpose: Promotion of scientific studies and research from academic environment in the field of technology and information security.

Safe Access to Information
Purpose: Development of scientific activities designed to contribute to the training and education of students in the field of safe use of information technology.

Development of Cybersecurity Knowledge
Purpose: Raising awareness and training of the human factor regarding the specific risks on the cyber space to ensure the protection of their own computer systems.

Combating Cybercrime
Purpose: Warning the public on major vulnerabilities, risks and threats to cyber security through information and alerting platforms in order to prevent the phenomenon of computer-related crime.

Cooperation in the Field of Information Security
Purpose: The development of cooperation between the public and private sectors by fostering the exchange of information in order to increase the level of security in cyberspace, and by informing the public on the main events in the field.

National Strategy on Digital Agenda 2014-2020
Purpose: The composition of a series of recommendations for the implementation of the National Strategy concerning the Digital Agenda and the NGA national plan for establishing the preconditions for the sustainable and inclusive integration of Romania in the European digital market.

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