Honorary members

Honorary members of the Romanian Association of Information Security Assurance form the Scientific Council which represents the advisory body of the Association.

In exercising its powers, the Scientific Council has the next tasks:

  • monitors the activities of scientific research and practical results of this work;
  • establishes the criteria for evaluation of scientific activity;
  • establishes criteria for the awards, grants or sponsorships people with outstanding merits;
  • elaborates the annual calendar of scientific activities and monitor its progress.

Honorary members

Professor Dan Victor CAVAROPOL, PhD

Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" - Bucharest
Website: www.academiadepolitie.ro

Ec.ing. Viorel GAFTEA, PhD

Romanian Academy - Science and Information Technology Section - Bucharest
Website: www.academiaromana.ro

Professor Daniela-Elena POPESCU, PhD

University of Oradea - Oradea
Website: www.uoradea.ro

Professor Ștefan PRUNĂ, PhD

"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Police Academy - Bucharest
Website: www.academiadepolitie.ro

Professor George ȚICAL, PhD

National College of Home Affairs - Bucharest
Website: www.cnai.ro/english/english.html
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